CTI Provides Innovative Virtual Meeting Options for the Rapidly Changing Meeting Environment

New! Solutions for Virtual Live, On-Demand, or Hybrid Virtual and Onsite Meetings

  • ●  "Live" virtual meeting with remote presenters, remote attendees, and real-time interaction
  • ●  "Live" virtual meeting with prerecorded presentations, remote attendees, and real-time interactions
  • ●  On-Demand options with prerecorded presentations, remote attendees, and asynchronous interaction
  • ●  Hybrid meeting that combines an onsite meeting with remote presenters and attendees

Virtual On-Demand Meetings Provide Online Exposure and Interaction for Your Meeting Content, Exhibitors, and Sponsors

CTI's Remote Attendee Viewer, as used in the ACC.20 Virtual World Congress of Cardiology, allows meeting attendees to view presentations, hear audio narrations, and watch videos or animations

Virtual Meeting Application

With CTI's Virtual Meeting Application, presenters upload PDF or PowerPoint presentations from their home or office. Exhibitors can upload product info, hand-outs, and video clips. PowerPoint presentations are converted to HTML5 so they can be viewed on PC's, tablets, or smartphones.

More Options for Programming

Virtual meetings can include moderators, invited speakers and presenters from across the planet, including people who wouldn't otherwise have the ability to travel.

Prerecording Facilities for Scheduling Flexibility

CTI assists in bringing participants together for prerecorded sessions that can be scheduled throughout the meeting with options for "live" chat interaction. No studios 
needed—just a laptop and web connection.

Remote Attendee Viewer

With CTI's Remote Attendee Viewer, attendees can find presentations of interest with a search box or browse categories. Viewers can hear audio narration for each slide and see animations or videos. A living calendar can provide access to content as though the meeting had been scheduled.

Options for Viewer Access

On-Demand content can be made private with access only through login or for a fee. Public options are also available, so content can be accessed through YouTube or other content delivery networks. 

Dynamic Interaction Promotes Engagement and Collaboration

  • ●  Viewer chat, polls, and discussion boards give attendees options to interact with presenters or other attendees
  • ●  Live Q&A functionality enables attendees to submit feedback directly to presenters or through moderators
  • ●  Viewers can share presentations on Social Media if permitted

Customize Your Program with "Live" Virtual Meeting or Hybrid of Virtual and Onsite

Virtual Session Rooms

As with onsite sessions, virtual session rooms can take place at a scheduled time. There can be several concurrent virtual session rooms and channels.

Remote ePoster Presentation

From their home or office, submitters can present their poster research in PDFs or multi-slide PowerPoint presentations with options for viewers to see them speaking.

Virtual Expo Hall

Online promotional opportunities for Exhibitors can emulate their visibility in the Expo Hall. Those with a larger physical presence onsite get microsites that display product logos and multiple videos in the virtual meeting. Sponsors can get links to their websites. There are options for interactive chat, lead management, and Industry-sponsored sessions with the same remote capabilities as other sessions.

Remote Oral Presentation

From their home or office, at scheduled times, presenters can take control of their PowerPoint slides. Viewers can see them talking and see the cursor movements on slides.

Session Livestream or Session Capture

A livestream of the session can be broadcast for real-time viewing and interaction. Session capture is also available to prerecord presentations for On-Demand access.